Taiyoucon 2011 Digitals: Troy Baker


Taiyoucon 2011 Digitals: Troy Baker
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Image by kevin dooley
Digital photos from the anime convention Taiyoucon 2011 in Mesa, Arizona.

Actor Troy Baker… From the Taiyoucon website:
A native of Dallas, Texas, Troy, once the lead singer for “Tripp Fontaine” (FMPM/Universal) first began working as an actor in TV and Radio commercials. He quickly became a mainstay voice actor of the Anime community with such roles as “Frank Archer” in Full Metal Alchemist, "Greed" in Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, “Abel Nightroad” in Trinity Blood, “Gennosuke” in Basilisk, “Schneizel” in Code Geass and “Action Bastard” in Shin Chan.

Troy can also be heard in lead roles for blockbuster video game titles like Darksiders (Abbaddon), Final Fantasy 13 (Snow Villiers) Modern Warfare 2 (Allen), Call of Duty: Black Ops (Brooks), Red Faction: Guerrilla (Alec Mason), Persona 4 (Kanji) Tales of Vesperia (Yuri), Resistance 2 (Major Blake), Trauma Center: New Blood (Markus Vaughn), and Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures (Conan).

Troy has excelled in the on camera industry, as well. He has starred alongside Val Kilmer (Tombstone), Karl Urban (Star Trek), Steve Zahn (That Thingy You Do!), Elizabeth Banks (W), Glenn Morshower (24), and Lou Diamond Phillips (La Bamba). He was also the host and co-producer for the hit reality TV show “Road Rage”, which spotlighted pop culture conventions around the country. Now residing in Los Angeles, Troy continues to write and record music while also working on Naruto (Yamato), Soul Eater (Excalibur), and several other projects to be announced in 2011.


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