Image from page 396 of “Chats on Japanese prints” (1915)


Image from page 396 of “Chats on Japanese prints” (1915)
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Identifier: cu31924023335247
Title: Chats on Japanese prints
Year: 1915 (1910s)
Authors: Ficke, Arthur Davison, 1883-1945
Subjects: Color prints, Japanese
Publisher: London : T.F. Unwin
Contributing Library: Cornell University Library
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Yeisen collaborated, producing twenty-threeof the seventy plates. Many of the plates areuninteresting; but a quarter of them are superb.The set was reprinted at least twice in inferioreditions. In this, which we may call the Kisokaido Period ofHiroshiges work, he abandoned to a certain extentthe delicate drawing of his Great Tokaido and YedoPeriod and employed larger unbroken colour masses,aiming at broader effects. In the fifties, Hiroshige abandoned almost entirelythe horizontal or lateral prints of his earlier daysand adopted the upright shape. In this form heproduced the following series, as well as others notnamed:— Upright Tokaido, published by Tsutaya, 1855; afine series when well printed, but the late editionswere crude in colour (Plate 54). Views of the Sixty-nine Provinces, 1856; the rarefirst edition, which is much the finer, is distinguishedby having five seals on the face of each plate. Itcontains a great deal of uninteresting work, but alsoten or fifteen masterpieces.

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HIROSHIGE : THE OMMAYA EMBANKMENT, ON THE SUMIDA RIVER ATASAKUSA—EVENING. One of the Series The Hundred Views of Yedo. Size 13 x 9. Signed Hiroshige ga.Plate 55. FIFTH PERIOD: THE DOWNFALL 393 Three Triptychs.—The Rapids of Awa No Naruto,Moonlight View of Kanazawa, and Snow Moun-tains on the Kiso Highway, all dated 1857, and allmagnificent. Two Kakemono-ye, very large—the Monkey Bridgeand the Snow Gorge of the Fuji River, things ofmatchless impressiveness. The One Hundred Views of Yedo, 1858 ; 119 plates,including, besides much rubbish, 25 masterpieces(Plate ss). The Thirty-six Views of Fuji, 1859; inferior, uponthe whole, to his earlier work. There are in existencevery few well-printed copies. In the last two or three of these series it is morethan probable that Hiroshige was assisted by hispupil Hiroshige H. The finest plates in all theselater series are equal to the masters most splendidearlier designs; but certain of the plates are of sobanal a character that it is impossibl

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