Who You Are (Timespan)


Who You Are (Timespan)
naruto the 7th hokage
Image by Reaper Nanashi
The fic that stemmed from the I-don’t-believe-that-baloney-that-Akatsuki’s-leader-is-the-Fourth-Hokage, way back when Leader’s identity was unknown and it was fashionable to speculate that he was the Yondaime gone bad/misunderstood. There were a couple of reasons I didn’t believe, but I couldn’t shake the need to attempt to justify it anyway. Go figure. (Can be found on FanFiction.net.)

Probably the oldest of my finished works, so it may look a little wonky—like I tried too hard. The lighting effect is really obvious if you don’t look at it head-on. Made in Adobe Photoshop 7.0.

Quote ripped shamelessly from the first Pokémon movie; picture of Naruto courtesy of Masashi Kishimoto and Studio Pierrot; background courtesy of the planet Earth.


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