Winford, Dundry, Somerset – Bristol directory 1871


Winford, Dundry, Somerset – Bristol directory 1871
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Mathews’ Bristol Street Directory 1871

Parish of Winford, (Felton) Somerset

Winford is a village and civil parish within the Chew Valley, Somerset, England. It is within the unitary authority of North Somerset about 8 miles (12.9 km) south of Bristol. The parish has a population of 2,153.

The parish includes the village of Felton which is close to the A38, Bristol International Airport and Hartcliff Rocks Quarry and Lulsgate Quarry Sites of Special Scientific Interest. On Felton Common, between the village and the airport, is the church of St Katharine and the Noble Army of Martyrs, which was built around 1868, and the remains of a windmill which has been converted into a private house.

The small village of Regil also falls within the parish, although it has its own small church dedicated to St James, one pub, a village hall and several farms.

Winford village lies on the route of the Monarch’s Way long distance footpath and has one pub, a village post office and several farms in the surrounding area. The parish was part of the hundred of Hartcliffe.


Winford Parish Council…

An 1861 Ordnance survey map of Winford

Poorhouses, Poor Law, etc.

An illustrated profle of the Parish of Winford, Somerset, England

Winford, Somerset parish registers of christenings, marriages and burials,_Somerset

Winford Baptisms 1655-1812

Winford Baptisms 1813-1842

Winford Marriages 1656-1754

Winford Marriages 1754-1837

Axford F. Hounsley (information needed)
Ball Felix, blacksmith
Ball Job, (Married 1837 Winford to Charlotte Willcox)
Ball Stephen, hay dealer office (Burial Winford 25 Jan 1871)
Ball Herbert Henry,
Broad William builder (Burial Winford 02 Apr 1893)
Butt John, junior, farmer (John Butt, senior, burial Winford 06 Dec 1871)
Cattle Richard, haulier, shop keeper (wife Mary, nee Norman, burial Winford 26 Jan 1898)

Child Samuel, farmer (Burial Winford 22 Aug 1881)
Child Hester, (Burial Winford 09 Jan 1881)
Child John, (Burial Winford 24 Mar 1887)
Child Sylvia, (Burial Winford 21 Feb 1897)
Child Henry, (Burial Winford 07 Feb 1900)
Clark Peter, (Married 1834 Winford to Ann Morrise, Witness Job Ball)
Clements Joseph (Married 1829 Winford to Elizabeth Woodley, Witness Job Ball)
Cole Isaac, (Married 1829 Winford to Mary Ann Dyer, Witness Job Ball)
Coombs William, Felton House
Godwin, M.D. Felton House (see above)
Cox George, (Married 1822 Winford to Sarah Armstrong Clarke)
Elworthy James, schoolmaster, assistant overseer (Burial Winford 03 Apr 1911)
Elworthy Laura Mary, (Burial Winford 14 Feb 1899)
Elworthy Ernest Alfred (Burial Winford 21 Jun 1906)
Elton Henry Edward, Winford House (Married 1829 Bath, Somerset to Sarah Frances Clutterbuck)
Elton James Marwood, Winford House
King Alfred, farmer, Dewdown (Burial Winford 06 May 1891)
King Mrs. farmer (wife of above?)
Lovell Charles, farmer (information needed)
Lovell Sarah (wife of above? Burial Winford 20 Oct 1873)
Macey William vict, Wagon and Horses Felton, near Bristol Airport.
Marshall George, farmer, Littleton (Burial Winford 05 Mar 1890)
Marshall John, yeoman, Ridghill (information needed)
Marshall Robert, (Burial Winford 16 Nov 1877)
Marshall Harriet, (Burial Winford 23 May 1879)
Marshall Ann, (Burial Winford 24 Dec 1883)
Marshall Albert, (Burial Winford 11 Sep 1892)
Marshall Thomas, farmer (information needed)
Morgan John Weaver, farmer, Hounsley farm, Hounsley Batch, Regil, Winford (Burial Winford 27 Nov 1905)
Moss Mary, (Burial Winford 03 Apr 1872)
Moss Henry, (Burial Winford 26 Jan 1900)
Moss Sarah, (Burial Winford 16 Jun 1904)
Naish Samuel, (Married 1813 Winford to Ann Gibbs)
Naish William Charles, baker (information needed)
Naish Sarah, (wife of above? Burial Winford 01 Jan 1873)
Naish George, (Burial Winford 14 Aug 1890)
Naish Mary Ann, (Burial Winford 18 Aug 1904)
Nash John, (Burial Winford 01 Apr 1902)
Nash William Charles, (Burial Winford 31 Aug 1906)
Nash Charles, (Burial Winford 31 Aug 1906)
Patch James, farmer, Felton (Burial Winford March 1879)
Patch Sarah, vict, George and Dragon inn Felton
Patch Sarah, (as above?) Burial Winford 13 Jan 1872)
Patch Charlotte, (Burial Winford 01 Mar 1873)
Patch Ann, (Burial Winford 22 Aug 1875)
Patch Amy Beatrice, (Burial Winford 03 May 1906)
Patch Jane, (Burial Winford 30 Sep 1876)
Patch James, (Burial Winford Mar 1879)
Patch William, (Burial Winford 19 Dec 1879)
Patch Thomas, (Burial Winford 04 Aug 1881)
Patch Thomas, (As above? Married 1802 Winford to Ann Gibbs)
Patch Zacharias, (Married 1805 Winford to Hannah Williams)
Patch Minnie Gertrude, (Burial Winford 11 Sep 1891)
Patch George, (Burial Winford 06 Apr 1892)
Patch John, (Burial Winford 02 Feb 1894)
Patch Hannah, (Burial Winford 24 Nov 1895)
Patch Pauline Elizabeth Mary, (Burial Winford 01 Jul 1900)
Patch Elizabeth, (Burial Winford 04 May 1905)
Patch Charles, (Burial Winford 22 Feb 1907)
Patch Louisa, (Burial Winford 13 Sep 1912)
Pearce Ada Louisa, (Burial Winford 26 Jul 1874)
Pearce Amelia Jane, (Burial Winford 06 May 1877)
Pearce Archibald Thomas, (Burial Winford 19 Mar 1879)
Pearce Beatrice Mary, (Burial Winford 04 Feb 1883)
Pearce Benjamin, (Burial Winford 19 Apr 1883)
Pearce Charles, farmer, Ridgehill, Regil, Winford (Burial Winford 21 Jan 1877)
Pearce Charles, farmer, Winford (Burial Winford 30 Oct 1877)
Pearce Charles, (Burial Winford 31 May 1881)
Pearce Charles, (Burial Winford 05 Oct 1879)
Pearce Elizabeth, (Burial Winford 04 May 1879)
Pearce Elizabeth, (Burial Winford 27 Oct 1882)
Pearce Fanny, (Burial Winford 12 Aug 1876)
Pearce Frederick Oliver, (Burial Winford 13 Jan 1881)
Pearce Joseph, (Burial Winford 15 Mar 1885)
Pearce Joseph, (Burial Winford 07 Dec 1885)
Pearce Joseph, farmer, Felton (information needed)
Pearce Lillie, (Burial Winford 08 Oct 1884)
Pearce Margaretta, (Burial Winford 02 Apr 1873)
Pearce Patience, (Burial Winford 20 Nov 1879)
Pearce Patience, (Burial Winford 13 Apr 1883)
Pearce Priscilla, (Burial Winford 14 Aug 1880)
Pearce Rhoda Elizabeth, (Burial Winford 17 Jun 1883)
Pearce Tryphena, (Burial Winford 23 May 1875)
Pearce William, (Burial Winford 20 Aug 1880)
Pearce William, hay dealer (As above?)
Pearce Walter Benjamin, (Burial Winford 03 Nov 1878)
Patch William, (Burial Winford 29 Sep 1894)
Patch Harry

Pearce Job, Born in 1871, son of Benjamin Pearce and Sarah A. Pearce, He married Mary Elizabeth Pike, daughter of John Pike. Living in Winford 1881-1901. Children: Wallie Scott Pearce, b. Abt. 1913, Winford, Somerset. Daisy Pearce, b. Abt. 1896, Long Ashton, Bristol. Leonard Pearce, b. Abt. 1898, Long Ashton, Bristol. Harry Pearce, b. Abt. 1900, Bristol. Amy Pearce, b. Abt. 1900, Bristol. Albert Pearce, b. Abt. 1900, Bristol.

Pearce Job, beer retailer
Pearce Job, farmer, Felton

Pearce Mrs. farmer, Ridgehill (information needed)
Peters Albert, shoemaker (Burial Winford 21 Jun 1871)
Phillips George, baker, Felton (information needed)
Pool Ada, (Burial Winford 21 Oct 1878)
Pool Ann Read, (Burial Winford 08 Jan 1875)
Pool Elizabeth Kate, (Burial Winford 28 Apr 1875)
Pool James, (Married 1804 Winford to Mary Phelps)
Pool Joseph, vict, Crown Inn, Winford Crown Hill
Pool Louisa Jane, (Burial Winford 21 Sep 1895)
Pool Marmaduke, farmer, Felton (Burial Winford 03 Feb 1883)
Poole Joseph, (Burial Winford (Burial Winford 03 Feb 1883)
Poole Joseph, (Burial Winford 30 Dec 1848)
Poole Sophia Jane, (Burial Winford 12 Jun 1899)
Pow George, vict, Winford Arms Bridgwater Road, Dundry
Pritchard Frederick, farmer (information needed)
Pritchard Charles James, (Burial Winford 22 Apr 1885)
Read Albert Edward, (Burial Winford 04 May 1893)
Read Annie, (Burial Winford 22 Dec 1882)
Read Arthur, (Burial Winford 05 Jan 1879)
Read Benjamin, (Burial Winford 06 Apr 1886)
Read Caroline, (Burial Winford 03 Feb 1889)
Read Charles, farmer, Ridghill (information needed)
Read Charles, letter carrier (information needed)
Read Charles, (Burial Winford 23 Mar 1883)
Read Charles, (Burial Winford 01 May 1887)
Read Charles, (Burial Winford 02 Mar 1911)
Read David, (Burial Winford 29 Sep 1878)
Read Elizabeth, (Burial Winford 11 Dec 1894)
Read George, (Burial Winford 17 Aug 1884)
Read James, (Burial Winford 13 Mar 1895)
Read John, (Burial Winford 01 Jun 1879)
Read John, (Burial Winford 20 May 1910)
Read Joseph, (Burial Winford 23 Oct 1881)
Read Keziah, (Burial Winford 19 Oct 1879)
Read Lily, (Burial Winford 30 Apr 1893)
Read Maria, (Burial Winford 21 Dec 1892)
Read Sarah Ann, (Burial Winford 10 Feb 1897)
Read Sybil Kathleen, (Burial Winford 05 Jan 1910)
Read Thomas, (Burial Winford 07 Apr 1872)
Read Thomas, (Burial Winford 23 Feb 1873)
Read Thomas, (Burial Winford 06 Jun 1886)
Read Walter, (Burial Winford 01 Jul 1881)
Read William, (Burial Winford 20 Aug 1885)
Read William George, (Burial Winford 03 Oct 1905)
Ridler John Henry, Felton villa (information needed)
Rimell William C. farmer, Strode (information needed)
Smith John, wheel-wright (information needed)
Smith James Blandford, (Burial Winford 11 Aug 1889)
Smith Louisa, (Burial Winford 08 Apr 1894)
Smith Henry, (Burial Winford 07 Sep 1898)
Smith Mary Jane, (Burial Winford 19 Jun 1904)
Stallard William, farmer (information needed)
Taylor Nathaniel, farmer, Littleton (Upper Littleton)
Taylor James William, (Burial Winford 14 Dec 1873)
Taylor Maud, (Burial Winford 02 Oct 1879)
Taylor Cicely Porter, (Burial Winford 25 May 1885)
Taylor Sarah, (Burial Winford 07 Oct 1891)
Taylor Sarah Ann, (Burial Winford 01 Oct 1903)
Taylor Mary Ann, (Burial Winford 01 Oct 1903)
Tompkins ?. farmer, Gravel Hill, Regil, Winford
Tovey Benjamin, butcher, shop keeper (Burial Winford 06 Dec 1885)
Tovey Benjamin, (Burial Winford 04 May 1893)
Tovey Hephzibah, (Burial Winford 17 Jul 1874)
Tovey Mary Ann, (Burial Winford 19 Jan 1882)
Tovey Mary Martha Pearce, (Burial Winford 22 May 1892)
Tovey James, (Burial Winford 03 Jun 1894)
Tovey Winifred Ellen, (Burial Winford 17 Dec 1899)
Tovey Grace, (Burial Winford 16 May 1906)
Tripp Rev. Henry, rector (Burial Winford 19 Mar 1897)
Tripp Anne, (Burial Winford 01 Apr 1888)
Tripp Hugh Upton Howard, (Burial Winford 03 Nov 1889)
Tripp William, (Burial Winford 21 Apr 1890)
Tripp Mary Ann, (Burial Winford 01 Feb 1893)
Tripp Alice Mary, (Burial Winford 17 Jul 1896)
Watts Alfred, farmer, Redhouse farm (information needed)
Watts Lily Isabella, (Burial Winford 15 Nov 1893)

Weaver’s were numerous in Winford to many to list here, below is the list from 1871.

Weaver Alfred, butcher, Ridghill (information needed)
Weaver Minnie, (Burial Winford 02 Nov 1871)
Weaver David, farmer, Ridghill (Burial Winford 11 Dec 1877)
Weaver John, farmer, Ridghill (Burial Winford 16 Apr 1880)
Weaver Mary Ann, (Burial Winford 13 Jan 1884)
Weaver Martha, (Burial Winford 12 Jan 1888)
Weaver Lydia, (Burial Winford 28 Jan 1888)
Weaver Obed, (Burial Winford 02 Feb 1907
Weaver Ellen Mary, (Burial Winford 19 Jan 1909)
Weaver Thomas, (Burial Winford 13 Apr 1912)
Weaver Michael, farmer (Burial Winford 09 Nov 1912)
Weaver Samuel, farmer, Strode (Upper Strode)
Willcox Charles, farmer, Ridghill (Burial Winford 15 Sep 1889)
Willcox Isaac, farmer (information needed)
Willcox Joseph, farmer (information needed)
Willcox Ann, (Burial Winford 15 Jan 1889)
Willcox Elizabeth, (Burial Winford 11 May 1898)
Williams George, shoemaker (information needed)
Winstone John, farmer, Felton (information needed)
Woodward Isaac, blacksmith, Ridghill (information needed)
York Thomas, vict, Waterloo Inn (now Prince of Waterloo, Burial Winford 02 Apr 1879)
York Albert Charles, (Burial Winford 27 Dec 1913)
York Charlotte, (Burial Winford 28 Jul 1905)
York Harriet, (Burial Winford 26 Mar 1900)
York John Bennett, (Burial Winford 28 Dec 1898)
York Charlotte, (Burial Winford 27 Apr 1896)
York Benjamin, (Burial Winford 04 Mar 1895)
York William, (Burial Winford 01 Sep 1892)
York Honor, (Burial Winford 06 Mar 1892)
York John, (Burial Winford 10 Jul 1884)
York Joseph, (Burial Winford 03 Nov 1877)
York Eliza, (Burial Winford 27 Jul 1872)
Young Thomas, farmer (information needed)
Young Benjamin, (Burial Winford 26 Feb 1871)
Young John, (Burial Winford 26 Oct 1871)
Young Stephen, (Burial Winford 21 Mar 1875)
Young Edward John, (Burial Winford 23 Jan 1878)
Young Elizabeth, (Burial Winford 14 Nov 1878)
Young Mary, (Burial Winford 24 Apr 1881)
Young Hannah, (Burial Winford 15 May 1884)
Young Mark, (Burial Winford 03 Jun 1885)
Young John, (Burial Winford 19 Aug 1885)
Young Rose, (Burial Winford 17 Feb 1891)
Young Maria, (Burial Winford 08 Oct 1893)
Young Ann, (Burial Winford 23 Mar 1897)
Young Hannah, (Burial Winford 12 Aug 1897)
Young Hannah, (Burial Winford 10 Nov 1901)
Young Michael, (Burial Winford 08 Jan 1902)
Young Maria, (Burial Winford 06 Oct 1904)
Young Thomas, (Burial Winford 23 Nov 1905)
Young George, (Burial Winford 04 Dec 1907)

Parish of Dundry, Somerset

DUNDRY, a well spread village of more than one thousand inhabitants, stands four miles south of Bristol, (just off the A38), and twelve miles west of Bath. Its lofty situation, seven hundred feet above sea level at the western end of an exposed four mile long ridge, makes it a notable landmark in North Somerset and its dominance is emphasised by a spectacular fifteenth century church tower.

The Parish Church is dedicated to Saint Michael the Archangel. Dundry was first a chapelry of St Andrew’s Church, Chew Magna. The first burial in Dundry was in 1559. In 1745 Dundry became a parish in its own right and in 1855 came the official separation of Dundry from Chew Magna Church.

Dundry School was erected in 1858 at a cost of £826 of which £476 was raised by local effort. Extra rooms were added in 1898 and 1912.

Dundry Baptist Chapel was built in 1829 by the Bristol Baptist Itinerant Society. Twelve persons transferred from Chew Magna as the nucleus of the first membership. A day school was established in 1875 as at that time it is recorded that Sunday School children were excluded from the Parish School and this maintained a state of great efficiency for many years. In 1878 the chapel was rebuilt and there were then about twenty persons in the fellowship. The Church was affiliated with the Baptist Union. Outdoor services were held and the work attained great vigour. The chapel was registered for marriages and a baptistry provided.

Who undertook this major task of constructing 147 steps, giving a staircase from the lower field footpaths to the centre of the village is still a mystery. The hard pennant stone used must have been carried up the hill by horse and cart for a minimum of 3 miles. The steps would have helped labour to reach the centre of the village from the footpath below to the quarries or for a major project.

There are many old farm buildings such as Grove Farm with its turret stair and draw bar for protecting the front door. The date is 1653 but the deeds are held showing that the original building is much older than that.

Castle Farm is on a very strategic site with commanding views and its antiquity is obvious from its architectural style.

Hill House Farm has grown with its many additions but the stone-mullioned windows indicate very early building.

Elwell Farm, built by a London businessman at the end of the 19th century has interesting features such as a cistern for holding rainwater in the cellars. The attractive outbuildings lent themselves to conversion to a racing stable. After a successful start this venture collapsed because of a persistent lung infection, which developed in the horses.

Most of the farms such as Upton, Watercress, Northill, Walnut and Spring are dated from the 17th and 18th centuries and all have a fascinating history.

Highridge Farm was destroyed by fire but there is a complete record of its structure, buildings and fields with even the crops listed.

Farming activity was mainly limited to small-scale milk production. Some farmers such as Walter Beaton and George Hill sold their milk locally in the Bedminster district up to the 1950s.

It is recorded that Dundry had very sweet grass meadows growing on the limestone hill. All the hay was cut and harvested by hand at the beginning of the last century and at that time Dundry had its own smithy, bakery and post office at the Carpenter’s Arms and adjoining cottages. The cottage opposite was the carpenter’s shop and Mr J Brock, the undertaker had premises in the Maidenhead Inn building. There were two boot and shoe makers. Much later Maud Oldfield had a shop in the centre of the village and paraffin and hardware were sold in the old Maidenhead Inn store.


Photographic collection published in memory of Philip Gallop

An 1861 Ordnance survey map of Dundry

Dundry Churchyard A-Z…

Atrocious Murder At Dundry 1861

Died, at Dundry 1731, near Bristol, Mrs Sarah Keedwell, aged 107. "Till her death she slept soundly, ate heartily, and talked sensibly." (see Keedwell below)

Found dead, Bill the Tinker, whose real name was Robinson – was found in a pond near Bristol, between Dundry and Bishopsworth, with a rope wound 3 times tightly round his neck, and a large severe wound on his head.

Barnes James, hay dealer
Barns Elizabeth, (Burial Dundry 11 Jan 1885)

Batt Richard, quarryman, vict, Dundry Inn Richard Batt, deceased. Notice is hereby given, that all persons having any claims against the estate of Richard Batt, late of the Dundry Inn, Dundry, in the county of Somerset, Innkeeper (who died on the 22nd April 1884, and whose will was proved at Bristol on the 14th May last, by Albert Batt and John Watts, executors, are required to send particulars of their claims to the undersigned, on or before the 14th July, 1884, after which time the executors will distribute the estate of the deceased for the benefit of the parties entitled, having regard only to the claims of which they shall then have had notice.

Ball John, was baptized in the parish of Winford, on February 10, 1792. On November 30, 1815, he married Ann Vowles in St. James Church, Bristol. She had been born in the nearby parish of Dundry, on May 15, 1796, one of the nine children of John Vowles (1765-1844) and Mary Sampson (1770-1860). Tracing the events in the lives of John and Ann Ball is possible to do through census and church records. Census records tell us that in 1841, John and Ann Ball lived in the village of Felton. By 1851, they had moved to the village of Barrow Common, where they would live for the remainder of their lives. Church records tell us that John and Ann Ball had a family of ten children: Robert, Mary, John, Thomas, David, William, Ann, George, Hannah, and Joseph. John Ball died on September 4, 1868, at the age of 75. He is buried in Winford. Ann, however, is found both in the census of 1871 and 1881, still living at Barrow Common. She died there on January 4, 1887, aged 91. She is buried in Dundry.

Ball Mary Fanny, (Burial Dundry 16 Jan 1881)
Ball Thomas, (Burial Dundry 20 Jul 1882)
Ball Mary Ann, (Burial Dundry 18 Aug 1885)
Ball Sarah, (Burial Dundry 11 Nov 1886, aged 66 years, wife of Rev. T. Preston Ball)
Ball Ann, (Burial Dundry, aged 91 years, 09 Jan 1887, daughter of John Ball above)
Ball Robert, (Burial Dundry 27 Feb 1887)
Bath Ellen Louisa, (Burial Dundry 23 Apr 1876)
Blinman Samuel, farmer and hay dealer (bankrupt 1889)
Blinman Joseph, (Burial Dundry 06 Jul 1871, aged 44 years)
Blinman Eliza, (Burial Dundry 13 Aug 1871)
Blinman Christian, (Burial Dundry 17 Oct 1873, aged 51 years)
Blinman Benjamin Brock, (Burial Dundry 20 Jan 1884)
Boutflower, Rev. C. W. M. vicarage (brother of Rev. Samuel P. Boutflower)
Boutflower Charlotte Lydia, (Burial Dundry 05 Dec 1867, aged 77)
Boutflower Charlotte, (Burial Dundry 17 Jan 1868)
Boutflower Douglas John, (Burial Dundry 15 Dec 1882, aged 75)
Boutflower Mary Dorothea, widow of above, died March 1st 1913, aged 88 burial at Dundry
Brock Charles Joseph, farmer, Highbridge
Brock, John farmer, East Dundry (born 1857)
Brock Ella, nee Hardwick, Congresbury Somerset (wife of above) Born 1866
Brock Hester Dundry Somerset (daughter of above)
Brock Ellen Dundry Somerset (daughter of above)
Brock John Dundry Somerset (son of above)
Brock Rose Dundry Somerset (daughter of above)
Brock Louisa Ann, (Burial Dundry 15 Jun 1871)
Brock Francis Sidney, (Burial Dundry 06 Oct 1871)
Brock James, (Burial Dundry 01 Feb 1877)
Brock Ada Maud, (Burial Dundry 22 Apr 1880)
Brock Annie, (Burial Dundry 05 Apr 1882)
Brock George, (Burial Dundry 22 Jul 1885)
Bryant Henry, cow doctor (vet) (information needed)
Clements William, junior, mason
Clements William, senior (father of above, Burial Dundry 12 Mar 1876)
Clements Henry, (Burial Dundry 07 Jan 1872)
Clements George, (Burial Dundry 27 May 1877)
Clements Herbert Willie, (Burial Dundry 15 Apr 1883)
Coal (Cole?) Thomas, farmer (information needed)
Cole Elizabeth, (Burial Dundry 17 Aug 1872)
Cole George, (Burial Dundry 07 Feb 1873)
Cole Sarah, (Burial Dundry 15 Aug 1873)
Cole William, (Burial Dundry 05 Dec 1880)
Colley William, (Burial Dundry 14 Dec 1887)
Cooksley John, cattle dealer (information needed)
Cooksley William James, (Burial Dundry 07 Jan 1872)
Cooksley Mary Jane, (Burial Dundry 14 Jul 1872)
Cooksley Mary Ann, (Burial Dundry 28 Feb 1875)
Cox Alfred George, shoemaker, (Burial Dundry 10 Apr 1881)
Cox Elizabeth, (Burial Dundry 09 Feb 1879)
Fowler Charles, farmer, Barrow Court

Fowler T. and E. farmers, Rackledown farm, Northwick, East Dundry…

Fowler James, (Burial Dundry 22 Aug 1785)
Filer Mary Ann, (Burial Dundry 24 Jun 1874)
Filer Alfred Thomas, (Burial Dundry 17 Oct 1875)
Filer Alfred, (Burial Dundry 16 Dec 1877)
Filer Elisa Ellen, (Burial Dundry 06 Oct 1878)
Filer William, (Burial Dundry 06 Jan 1879)
Filer William Charles, (Burial Dundry 04 Apr 1880)
Filer Elizabeth Ann, (Burial Dundry 07 Apr 1881)
Filer William E., (Burial Dundry 24 Apr 1881)
Filer George Henry, (Burial Dundry 03 May 1884)
Gadd Josiah, Samuel & Reuben, masons
Gadd William, (Burial Dundry 02 Jul 1871)
Gadd Susan, (Burial Dundry 07 Dec 1873)
Gadd Esau, (Burial Dundry 14 Feb 1875
Gadd Jonathan, (Burial Dundry 07 Mar 1875)
Gadd Hester, (Burial Dundry 17 Nov 1878)
Gallop William, farmer, Upton (died 1914 aged 84 years, wife Caroline died October 24th 1893 aged 72 years)
Gallop Alfred Charles, (Burial Dundry 17 Nov 1880)
Gibbs William, farmer, Littleton, (Burial Dundry 27 May 1876)
Griffin Mrs. Sarah Symonds, East Dundry, (Burial Dundry 06 Apr 1874)
Hasell Thomas, (Burial Dundry 17 Jul 1873)
Hasell John, (Burial Dundry 16 Jul 1885, aged 70 years)
Hasell Maria, wife of the above, who died Mar 3rd 1919 aged 87 years
Hay Eliza Ellen, daughter of Thomas Francis and Charlotte Hay, who died April 2nd 1860, aged 2 years and 2 months. Also Charles F. Hay, died March 16 1848, aged 13 months
Hazell Thomas, farmer (information needed)
Hellier James, who died January 9 1834 aged 61 years. Also Catharine wife of James Hellier of this Parish who died January 2nd 1828 aged 61 years.

Keedwell William, farmer (information needed)
Keedwell Thomas, (Burial Dundry 13 Feb 1873)
Keedwell Elizabeth Hester, (Burial Dundry 08 Jul 1875)
Keedwell Annie Elizabeth, (Burial Dundry 16 Feb 1881)
Keel John B., farmer (information needed)
Light Benjamin, (Died August 1896 aged 89 years, wife Sarah died March 16 1888 aged 76 years)
Light Elizabeth wife of Joseph W Light daughter of J & C Blinman died February 24 1895 aged 45 years
Lovell Daniel Rees, husband of Elizabeth Lovell who died September 19 1938
Lucas ?. farmer, Upton farm (information needed)
Lucas Archibald, Listed 1875 Farmers son Dundry
Lucas Louise, Listed 1877 scholar, Dundry
Lucas Irene, Listed 1891 Dundry
Lucas William, Listed 1879 Gas Company Clerk, Dundry
Lucas Irene Voilet, Listed 1891 Dundrey
Ludlow Edward, yeoman (information needed)
Ludlow Edmund and Grace, children born between 1860-1880 in Dundry
Ludlow Emily Emma, (Baptism Dundry 18 Jan 1863)
Ludlow Edward Arthur, (Baptism Dundry 11 Mar 1865)
Ludlow Jessie Grace, (Baptism Dundry 30 May 1868)
Ludlow Charles Mendham, (Baptism Dundry 17 Aug 1870)
Ludlow Robert Dennis, (Baptism Dundry 02 Nov 1873)
Ludlow Blanche Elsie, (Baptism Dundry 18 Mar 1878)
Lumber C. vict, Carpenter’s Arms (Tavern)
Mansfield W. school, assistant overseer (Dundry School was erected in 1858)
Marshall George, farmer, Littleton
Marshall Henry, farmer, Highbridge
Marshall William, farmer, Littleton (Oct 17 1871, aged 55 years)
Marshall William, Yew tree villa
Marshall Sarah, (Burial Dundry 07 Jan 1871)
Marshall Ann, (Burial Dundry 06 Feb 1871)
Marshall Hannah, (Burial Dundry 03 Jul 1872)
Marshall William, (Burial Dundry 21 Oct 1874)
Marshall Charity, (Burial Dundry 24 Dec 1875, aged 71 years)
Marshall Susan, (Burial Dundry 18 Jun 1876)
Marshall Martha, (Burial Dundry 03 Feb 1878)
Marshall William, (Burial Dundry 03 Mar 1878)
Marshall Thomas, (Burial Dundry 08 Mar 1878)
Marshall William, (Burial Dundry 30 May 1878, aged 74 years, related to Charity above)
Marshall Ambrose, (Burial Dundry 15 Dec 1878)
Marshall Eliza, (Burial Dundry 31 Dec 1882)
Marshall Frances Rhoda, (Burial Dundry 02 Jun 1883)
Marshall Grace Elizabeth, (Burial Dundry 14 Oct 1883)
Marshall George, (Burial Dundry 21 Mar 1886)
Marshall George, (Burial Dundry 07 May 1886, aged 64 years)
Marshall Ann, wife of the above, died September 12 1904, aged 79 years
Marshall Mercy, (Burial Dundry 08 Jun 1887, aged 68 years, wife of William Marshall of Littleton above)
Marshall Mary, (Burial Dundry 08 Dec 1887)
Parsons George, farmer 30 Acres, (Also Listed in 1851 census, children George and Cecilia, wife Mary Ann from Blagdon, father John Parish Clerk Compton Dando)
Parsons Edward, Rose cottage, Castle Farm Lane (dates from 1790 when it was originally 2 cottages. Now for sale as 6 bedroom detached house £850,000)
Parsons Thomas, (Burial Dundry 09 Aug 1874)
Parsons Maria, (Burial Dundry 09 Jul 1876)
Parsons Sarah Ann, (Burial Dundry 25 Oct 1882)
Parsons Mary Ann, (Burial Dundry 23 Mar 1886)
Parsons Charles Benjamin, (Burial Dundry 12 Jan 1887)
Payton William, junior, parish clerk
Payton William, (Burial Dundry 19 Oct 1875)
Payton Charlotte Ann, (Burial Dundry 02 Jun 1878)
Payton Benjamin, (Burial Dundry 02 Mar 1879)
Payton Ernest George, (Burial Dundry 09 Aug 1883)
Payton George, (Burial Dundry 14 Oct 1883)
Payton Adelaide Hester, (Burial Dundry 09 Dec 1883)
Payton Elizabeth, (Burial Dundry 19 Dec 1886)
Pool Alice Mary, born 1875 was daughter of Joseph Pool 1845
Pow George, who departed this life April 24 1888 aged 60 years. Also Laura The Beloved wife of George Pow Who died 6 Jan 1880, aged 52 years. Also of Jemima Minnie Pow Who departed this life Dec 26th 1891 aged 32 years. Also of William James Pow who departed this life Oct 23 1899 aged 46 years.
Read Thomas, carpenter
Read John, farmer butcher, vict, Butcher’s Arms (no longer trading)
Read Charles, died January 28 1889, aged 68 years. Also of Prudence his wife, died February 7 1890
Read William, farmer, Littleton
Read Benjamin, (Burial Dundry 21 Mar 1871)
Read Pamela Gover, (Burial Dundry 28 Nov 1880)
Read John Gover, (Burial Dundry 27 Nov 1881)
Read Sarah Ann, (Burial Dundry 11 Jun 1884)
Read Hester, (Burial Dundry 21 Oct 1887)
Rich Henry George, farmer and haulier, Highbridge, (Burial Dundry 13 Jan 1878)
Sampson Benjamin, farmer (information needed)
Sampson Uriah, grocer, Dundry East (born 1817 Long Ashton, Bristol, Somerset)
Sampson Solomon, (Burial Dundry 05 Apr 1871)
Sampson Richard, (Burial Dundry 05 Jan 1873, Born 1811)
Sampson Solomon, (Burial Dundry 16 Jan 1875)
Sampson Charlotte, (Burial Dundry 12 Feb 1880)
Sampson William E., (Burial Dundry 12 Mar 1880, Born 1810)
Sampson Samuel, (Burial Dundry 03 Apr 1884, Born 10 Apr 1810)
Sampson John, (Burial Dundry 06 Aug 1885, Born 1825)
Sampson Edith Alice, (Burial Dundry 17 Apr 1887)
Shorland Anne, The beloved wife of John Shorland, who entered into rest July 27 1872 In her 87th year. Also of Ann Patten Mother of Anne Shorland (Interred near this spot) Who departed this life February 6 1845 aged 82.
Shortland James Hellier, Dundry grove (two closes adjoining with little Grove made an orchard containing 14 acres)
Shortland (Burials at Dundry: Mabel Gerrard Shorland Died June 9th 1956, Catharine Eleanor Shorland Died April 5th 1958, Agnes Anne Blandford Shorland Died February 12th 1962)
Stallard William Dundry grove farm (1870 funeral of Miss Emily Stallard, daughter of Mr. Paul Stallard, of Dundry)
Vowles ?. farmer, Littleton (information needed)
Vowles Hester, (Burial Dundry 21 Feb 1873)
Vowles Rosina, (Burial Dundry 11 Aug 1875)
Vowles Maria, (Burial Dundry 29 Aug 1876)
Vowles William, (Burial Dundry 04 Mar 1877)
Vowles Ernest Alfred, (Burial Dundry 08 Mar 1878)
Vowles George, (Burial Dundry 30 Aug 1879)
Vowles Samuel, (Burial Dundry 31 Mar 1880)
Vowles James, (Burial Dundry 17 Apr 1884)
Walker William, Walnut farm, East Dundry
Walker A. W. E., (Burial Dundry 11 Feb 1880)
Walker Eldred Stanley, (Burial Dundry 16 Dec 1883)
Weaver Israel, farmer, Littleton (information needed)
Weaver Michael, farmer
Weaver Isaac, farmer, (Burial Dundry 11 Jul 1873)
Weaver John, (Burial Dundry 14 Oct 1881)
Weaver Maria, (Burial Dundry 15 Mar 1882)
Weaver Isaac, (Burial Dundry July 6 1878, aged 82 years)
Weaver Patience, wife of above (Burial Dundry 18 May 1882)
Weaver Sarah Cole, (Burial Dundry 29 Jan 1884)
Withey Christopher, post office, died August 12 1884, aged 66 years, burial Dundry
Withey Elizabeth, (wife of above) died March 25 1911, aged 77 years, burial Dundry
Withey Elizabeth Celia (daughter of above) aged 17 months, burial Dundry
Withey Thomas, Grove farm
Withey Carey, (Burial Dundry 20 Mar 1874)
Withey Mary Ann Keedwell, (Burial Dundry 28 Jul 1887)
Wyatt Ann, (Burial Dundry 07 Jun 1874)
Yates ?. (Yeates?) farmer, East Dundry (information needed)
Yates John, (Yeates?) farmer (information needed)
Yeates John, (Burial Dundry 05 Nov 1876)
Yeates Elizabeth, (Burial Dundry 19 Oct 1877)
Yeates Michael, (Burial Dundry 12 Sep 1882)
Yeates Charlotte, (Burial Dundry 20 Jan 1884)
Yeates Samuel, (Burial Dundry 02 Apr 1887)
Young Aaron, farmer, East Dundry, (Burial Dundry 19 Sep 1885)
Young Mary, (Burial Dundry 29 Feb 1876)
Young Eliza, (Burial Dundry 06 Aug 1886)


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