8 Benefits of Joining a Gym


8 Benefits of Joining a Gym

Are you tired of working out at home and not seeing any results? When we are in the comfort of our homes, often times we get sidetracked even though we have good intentions of working out.  So if you are tired of not getting the results that you are looking for, joining a gym can help you achieve your all of your goals. Before you join a gym, I highly suggest that you research several in your area to determine which gym will serve your needs.

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So whether you are looking to lose weight, strength train, tone up, or just get healthier then joining a gym will help. Find a gym that is conveniently located so that you don’t have to travel very far from home or work to go workout. If you join a chain like Anytime Fitness or 24-Hour Fitness, most of these gyms allow you to visit any location at any time. Here are some great benefits to joining a gym today:

Provides Both Cardio and Strength Training Equipment

A gym provides the best of both worlds because they have a wide variety of machines for cardio and strength training. Health experts recommend that you get at least 150 minutes a week of moderate exercise each week. Cardio will help get you back in shape, lose weight, and improve your overall health. Don’t forget to add strength training to your workout routine!

Access to Personal Trainers

Most gyms have personal trainers that can help you achieve all of your goals. They are able to help tailor your workouts for maximum results, help troubleshoot any problems that you are having, show you how to properly use all of the gym equipment to avoid injury, and even challenge you to find new things at the gym.

Participate in Group Classes

Participate in a Group Class

Group classes are a great way to meet new people and learn new ways to have fun while working out. Trying a variety of classes like yoga, spinning, aerobics, and swimming are great ways to vary up your workouts to help prevent burnout. Plus, they are great for finding like-minded people to hang out with too. Make sure that you check out all of the class opportunities before you sign a long term contract for a gym.


I always found it very motivating to walk into a gym and people who are actually achieving their fitness goals. This used to give me motivation to continue working out and improving my own health. Remember that you won’t necessarily see results overnight but if you stick with it for a few weeks, you should begin to notice some small changes. Try these motivations tips too!

Great for Exercising Year Round

I love that you can go to a gym year round. You can exercise year round without having to deal with the heat, cold, or other elements that could prevent you from working out.


Most gyms have additional perks and benefits too! Don’t forget to ask about these items when you are looking for a gym! Here are some things to look for: showers, childcare, spa options, sauna, swimming pool, juice bars, steam rooms, and more.

Support from Others

A gym is a great place to meet like-minded people who are interested in getting healthy too especially if you go to the gym at the same time every day. If you haven’t been to the gym before, it can be a little overwhelming at first but if you hang in there you can find great support and motivation from others. Group classes are a great way to find support since everyone is there to participate in the class and it is a bit easier to approach someone in class than someone who is busy working out.

Start enjoying the benefits of joining a gym today and be on your way to getting healthy!

What is your favorite perk of joining a gym?

  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I have joined many gyms over the years. I found my true calling at the dojo, though.


  2. Elizabeth Towns

    Thank you for your article. I have belonged to gyms before, and at least two successfully. At the current time, I am finding peace and centering by exercising outside. I may join a gym in the Winter!


  3. Jennifer Clay

    I have to admit, I have been scared to join a gym. I am not as active (fitness wise) so everything would be new to me. I do like the idea of joining a class.


  4. Karen Dawkins

    I have not found a gym that makes me feel at home yet. Like Robin, though, I did belong to a dojo for two years and am the most advanced belt in my family of five. Our sensei moved away, though, and I struggled with the new one.


  5. Liz Mays

    Liz Mays

    I like gyms that offer lots of different classes. I find that having a scheduled class keeps me going to the gym and keeping healthy.


  6. Adriana Martin

    I enjoy going to the gym is nice time for spending alone with myself while doing something good for my body.


  7. Elizabeth O.

    Elizabeth O.

    I think joining a gym is perfect for those who have just started to lose weight. Having the right equipment and people to teach how to do this and that is something very helpful and motivating.


  8. Bismah


    I have always preferred to work out at home however I am consider joining a gym. I really like how it can help you to stay on target and keep you motivated.


  9. Brittany C. @ BSC Media, LLC

    I miss the gym! I was into it big time before my second daughter was born teaching cycling classes!


  10. Erinn S

    Erinn S

    I love going to my gym-I can’t go in the summer with kids home, but now that school is in, I a going back


  11. Erika


    Yes gyms can be a wonderful tool. I do like exercising outdoors though, or at home.


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