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The BEST Fitness Gifts for the Fitness Lovers in Your Life


Need fitness gifts for the fitness lover in your life? Look no further! These fitness gift ideas are the best out there.

Need fitness gifts for the fitness lover in your life? Look no further! These fitness gift ideas are the best out there.
If we are being totally honest, which I try hard to be, I don’t LOVE working out. I mean, I love how it makes me feel, and I love the results, but the actual working out isn’t my favorite. Joe, on the other hand, is super dedicated to working out and really loves it. Before he was a firefighter, he was a high-level personal trainer, so to say he is a professional is not even a little bit of a stretch. Even though I don’t love to exercise, I do know a fair amount about how to do it right and what the best things are to make it lots more bearable! I have put together a list of my favorite fitness gifts. These are not only perfect for fitness lovers (people like Joe), but also for those of us who have to work a little harder to love it (like me) 😉

Beach Body On Demand Subscription If you know a fitness enthusiast who prefers to work out at home, then a Beach Body on Demand subscription is the best gift you can give them! With a subscription, you can live stream ALL the Beach Body workouts (there are approximately a zillion, lol), plus access step-by-step program guides, workout calendars, meal plans, and more. And it’s surprisingly affordable. 

Chill Pal Cooling Towel – Working out or running in the summer can be unbearable, especially down here in North Carolina. This Chill Pal towel is an awesome way to stay cool and avoid overheating. They are one of my favorite fitness gifts because they are also useful anytime you are in need of a quick and easy cool down (pool, beach, yard work, the possibilities are endless!). I even use mine when I am sweating it out watching my girls’ summer swim meets. #sadbuttrue

Mind Over Matter Necklace Give your favorite athlete or fitness enthusiast a gift that will show them you believe in their hard work and success! I love this necklace. It is so perfect for someone who doesn’t need any new equipment or gadgets, and is so meaningful and thoughtful.

Dry Shampoo For some of us, one of the hardest things about working outis finding the time not only to work out, but find the time to make yourself look presentable after you do it! That’s what makes dry shampoo so important. It’s perfect for those days when someone has to fit in a quick workout during their lunch break and doesn’t have time for wash and style their hair. With dry shampoo, you can take a quick shower while keeping your hair dry and then freshen your locks with a few sprays! The one I use religiously (whether I workout or not) is this one. It smells great, works well and is affordable. It’s one of the most practical, but not obvious, fitness gifts out there!

Fascia Blaster– Yep, this is that gadget that you’ve probably seen all over the place promising to get rid of cellulite. Sigh. That is NOT why I got the Fascia Blaster for Joe last Christmas. Not even close. You see, if you look beyond the cellulite marketing angle, what you learn is that it helps keep your soft tissues healthy, which helps tremendously with pain relief. It also helps with muscle soreness. It is the only device with ultrasound evidence to document fascia restoration. Bottom line… it helps your body FEEL better. The funny thing is that while it’s one of the best fitness gifts I have ever gotten Joe, I use it as much as he does! I am no stranger to joint pain (having had 2 knee surgeries already) and I can tell you that I have become addicted to our Fascia Blaster. In fact, we recently added the Fascia Blaster Mini 2 to our collection and it has helped a lot with the tendinitis I have been battling in my left foot.

Road ID– If you have a runner in your life, then you know it can be stressful when they take off for a run without any type of ID because they are hard to carry and might get dropped. This company makes a variety of IDs that are worn! I love this one on the Apple Watch band, but you can also get lightweight rubber bracelets, shoe tags, and more. Such a great way to keep your favorite runner safe! (PS-they also have tags for kids which are great if you are headed somewhere crowded or out of the ordinary.)

Blender with Travel Sport Bottle– Is your favorite fitness lover always on the go? This seriously cool blender is one of my favorite fitness gifts. It is perfect for the person who already has everything else! They can mix up a quick and healthy smoothie right in the sports bottle and then head to work out. So simple and so convenient! 

Oh My Quad Tank– Sometimes the only thing getting me through a workout is cute gear and laughing. This tank combines both! This is a perfect fitness gift for that girlfriend who always shows up  or a trainer who is your biggest cheerleader. 

Waterproof iPod Shuffle – Both Joe and I are swimmers and we both LOVE being able to listen to our music while we swim. So this is what I asked for (and happily received) this past Mother’s Day. I LOVE IT! Some days my tunes are the only thing that get me through when I am feeling tired and unmotivated. Any swimmer on your list won’t believe they ever lived without this amazing gift once they use it a few times. The laps fly by when you are listening to your favorite jams!

Treadmill Desk – I hated the treadmill until I realized I could work while I walked. Joe made me a treadmill desk that changed everything! But if you don’t feel like making one yourself, this simple desk is perfect for any fitness enthusiast that is also a workaholic (or loves being super efficient!!!).

Race Bib Coaster Set – A lot of runners save their race bibs. Instead of leaving it in a drawer somewhere, turn it into a coaster set! These are cool fitness gifts that are super meaningful. Every time your runner sees their coaster they will be reminded of their marathon success! 

Dry Bag – Fact: gym clothes stink. Also a fact: your whole gym bag stinks after dirty clothes have been carried over and over. The good news is, you can make someone’s gym life so much easier with this cool little bag. Lock in the gym stink and sweat, and save everything else in your bag! 

Aren’t these the perfect fitness gifts for the exercisers on your list? I think they all are great. Which have you added to your Christmas list this year? I am thinking about getting Joe a Road ID for his runs and I might just treat myself to that fun tank!



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Location information for Canada


Location information for Canada
This country in the northern part of North-America is known for its beautiful and diverse nature. Niagara Falls is one of the world’s largest and best-known waterfalls. Canada also has many rivers, sweet water lakes, glaciers and magnificent mountains. Probably the best-known mountain range of Canada is the ‘Rocky Mountains’. This mountain range covers an area of over 4800 km. The national and provincial parks of Canada are also well worth a visit, and in the west there are breathtaking sandy beaches surrounded by thick rain forests.

Originally, Canada is the land of the Eskimos (Inuit) and the Indians. Many Indian tribes were hunters and lived on the endless prairies. The Indians who made a living from agriculture lived in what is now known as South-Ontario. They were the first to come into contact with European explorers. Some four hundred years ago, the English and French came to Canada and settled in different parts of the country. Since that time, immigrants from all over the world came to Canada. Especially in the years after the Second World War, many Dutch immigrants moved to Canada. As a result, Canada has a varied history. The different population groups lived in separation and developed independently.

Society and Culture
Canada is a country of immigrants. Most Canadians are indeed immigrants. Many of them originally came from Europe, although over the years many Asians moved to Canada as well. Only a small percentage of Canadians (about 4%) belongs to the original inhabitants. Thanks to the immigrants Canada is known as a multi-cultural society.

Canada is a bilingual country: both English and French are spoken. In the province of Quebec, French is the official language, which makes it the exception. Outside of Quebec, few people consider French their native language. More than half of all Canadians (some 63%) consider English their mother tongue.

Canada does not have an official religion. About half of the Canadians are Roman-Catholic, and there are also groups of Protestants and people without religion.

Political situation
Canada is a parliamentary monarchy. The head of the monarchy is Queen Elizabeth II. It is only since 1982 that the British parliament no longer has a political influence in Canada. Canada is now completely independent. Canada has ten provinces and three territories. Like in The Netherlands the provincial government is democratically elected. The same goes for the national government. The party with the most votes forms the government. Since February, 2006, the Conservatives are in government. Stephen Harper is the current prime minister.

It is not only in terms of its surface that Canada is one of the biggest countries in the world. It is also one of the world’s biggest economies. The standard of life is high and the population is highly educated. Canada’s economy is focused predominantly on export. There is a great deal of demand for Canadian products and services. Most people work in the services sector. Also, many are active in industry and agriculture. Canada has geared its economy toward the United States, and export to its big neighbor is high. Furthermore, export to Europe, Asia and the rest of the world is growing continuously.

Canada’s currency is the Canadian dollar. Every dollar is worth about 0.72 eurocents.

Geography and Climate
With a surface if nearly ten million square kilometers and a northern coastline of almost 24,000 kilometers Canada is the largest country in the Western hemisphere. The country borders on the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Northern Ice Sea. In central Canada we find extensive prairies.

Canada’s population is not divided equally across the land. The northern part is the least populated, and most Canadians live in a strip along the southern border. The capital of Canada is Ottawa, a city with more than a million inhabitants.

Canada is a country with major climatic differences. In most months, the temperature in the north of the country does not reach above zero degrees Centigrade. Especially northern winters can be extremely cold. Temperatures can drop to a staggering minus 40 degrees Centigrade. A good winter coat is far from an excessive luxury! Fortunately, there are also parts of Canada with more pleasant temperatures. Especially in the south the summers can be warm and humid. The warmest areas of Canada are South-Ontario and British Columbia.

Traffic and Infrastructure
Needless to say, the enormous distances are easiest to cross by plane. There are various airline companies to transport all travelers to the various parts of the country as conveniently as possible. Canada’s busiest airport is Toronto Pearson International Airport near Toronto, but also Montreal Airport and Vancouver Airport play an important role in processing International flights to and from Canada.

Other ways to travel around Canada are train or bus. Various railway lines cross beautiful stretches of nature, allowing passengers to enjoy the country more than they would from a plane. Traveling by train is about equally expensive as flying, but it allows you a better look at Canada’s amazing countryside. Also, there are many bus companies that take care of regional transport. Large distances can be covered by ‘Greyhound’ bus. Buses offer a relatively cheap way to travel.

Finally, cars are very suitable for traveling around Canada. Canada has many beautiful nature areas that are not easy to reach by train or bus. The car offers you freedom and the ability to leave the main roads. This means that cars offer the best way to enjoy Canada’s magnificent nature.

Food and drink
Canada’s kitchen is as diverse as its nature and climate. Thanks to all the different cultures, a variety of dishes is on offer. In the coastal areas the focus tends to be on fish, while more inland meat is an indispensable ingredient. Of the many fish species there are in Canada, in many restaurants salmon is often favorite. Salmon is usually wild and is grilled (sometimes on charcoal). Furthermore, there are European influences in all major cities. For those who enjoy French cuisine, Quebec offers a variety of suitable restaurants.

The age at which people are allowed to buy and drink alcohol is 18. In some provinces it is even one year higher.

Time zones
Canada is divided into a number of time zones. Due to its enormous size, there are no fewer than six time zones. From East to West they are Newfoundland Time, Atlantic Time, Eastern Time, Central Time, Mountain Time and Pacific Time. The differences in time vary from 3.5 hours earlier (Newfoundland) to eight hours earlier (Pacific) compared to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

You won’t have to worry about finding suitable accommodation in Canada. There are hotels in a wide range of prices, as well as bungalows and holiday centers. Also, there are enough youth hostels and campsites, making it possible to spend the night at a reasonable price. Finally, you can decide on a more rural stay at a farm, where you can savor Canada’s more domestic side.

External Sources
For more information about Canada, in addition to Google we recommend the following sources:

Wikipedia, Canada
Canada Tourism (several languages)